Privacy policy

1. Privacy and data protection policy

In accordance with that established in Constitutional Act 15/1999, users are informed that their data will be incorporated into a Carner Barcelona data file with the aim of complying with the company’s corporate objective. Users authorize Carner Barcelona to use their personal data in a commercial and informative manner and to send advertising information relating to the company’s products and services.

Carner Barcelona fully complies with the legislation in force regarding personal data protection. Carner Barcelona has adopted the technical measures necessary for maintaining the required level of security, in line with the kind of the personal data processed and the circumstances of such processing, with the aim of preventing, as far as possible and at all times in line with the state of the technology, its alteration, loss and unauthorized processing or access.

Where completion of a form is requested in which data of a personal nature is collected, clients or users of the information will be informed of the purpose for which the data is collected, the identity and address of the person in charge of the file and the entitlement of users to exercise their rights regarding access, correction, cancellation and objection to the processing of their data. The personal data collected will only be processed and/or transferred for the purpose expressed and at all times with the consent of users or clients.

Some of the pages on the website have cookies, small data files generated in the computer of the user or client and that allow our systems to remember the selected language, as well as other characteristics or navigation preferences of users during their first session. These cookies are not invasive or harmful and do not contain data of a personal nature, as their sole function is to personalise navigation in the manner stated above.

Users will have the right to access, object, correct and/or cancel their details by writing to Carner Barcelona at the address that appears in this document or by e-mail at

2. Third-party links to the Carner Barcelona website

Internet users wishing to insert a link from their website to the Carner Barcelona website must obtain prior written authorisation from Carner Barcelona. In addition, they must fulfil the following obligations:

The link will only provide a connection to the home page, unless there is express authorisation to redirect to a secondary page, which may not be reproduced in any way or under any circumstances.

It remains expressly forbidden to establish frames of any kind that surround the website or allow for information, activities, services or products to be displayed through Internet addresses different to those on the website in question.

The link or the link page may not be used for performing activities or displaying mechanisms that are contrary to law, morals or public order.

False, inaccurate or incorrect declarations of information regarding Carner Barcelona, its employees or its products and services must not be given under any circumstances on the website where the link is found.

The sender will not be able to use the graphic or mixed trademark or any other distinctive emblem of Carner Barcelona on its own website, except in cases expressly authorised by Carner Barcelona.

3. Responsibility

On all accounts, Users will be responsible for damages of any kind that Carner Barcelona may suffer as a consequence of the breach of any of the obligations to which they are subject due to this Legal Notice or, where applicable, due to the specific conditions applicable.

3.1 Access to the website

Carner Barcelona is not responsible for damages of any kind brought about for the User that are due to errors or disconnections from the telecommunications networks and that produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption in the website service during or prior to the provision thereof.

3.2 Personal data protection

Carner Barcelona guarantees the complete fulfilment of the stipulated obligations, as well as the implementation of the security measures stipulated in Article 9 of the Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999 (hereinafter referred to as LOPD) and in its implementing Regulation approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007 on 21 December.

4.3 Quality of service

Access to the website does not involve the obligation by Carner Barcelona to control the absence of viruses, worms or any other damaging computer element. On all accounts, it is the responsibility of the User to provide the appropriate tools for the detection and disinfection of damaging computer software.

4.4 Content

Carner Barcelona is not responsible for decisions taken on the basis of information supplied on the website or for damages brought about for the User or third parties due to actions that are solely based on the information obtained through the website.

4.5 Links

The service for access to the website includes technical link mechanisms that enable Users to access other Internet sites and portals. In these cases, Carner Barcelona acts as a provider of intermediation services, according to Article 17 of the Information Society and e-commerce Act Law 34/2002 (LSSI) of 11 July and will only be responsible for the content and services supplied in the Linked Sites if it has effective knowledge of the illegality and has not disabled the link with due care.

Where Users consider that there is a Linked Site with illegal or inappropriate content, they may inform Carner Barcelona of such in accordance with the procedure and practices established in Clause 6. Under no circumstances does this communication carry the obligation to withdraw the corresponding link.

The presence of links does not mean that agreements exist with the managers or owners thereof nor does it signify the recommendation, promotion or identification of Carner Barcelona with regard to the declarations, content or services provided.

Carner Barcelona has no knowledge of the content and services of the links and, as a result, is not responsible for damages brought about by illegality, quality, failure in updating, unavailability, errors and inefficiency in the content and/or services of the links or for any other damage not directly attributable a Carner Barcelona.

5. On-line Store

To view policies and procedures related to orders placed through this Site (such as order processing, shipping and handling, returns and exchanges), please read our On-line Store Terms and Conditions.

9. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The Conditions of Access contained herein remain subject to Spanish law. For the resolution of any dispute that may arise from accessing the website, the User and Carner Barcelona agree to be expressly subject to the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Barcelona), waiving any other general or special jurisdiction to which they may have recourse.