Dear suppliers, collaborators and customers, A year full of great moments (and scents) is coming to an end. I would like to take stock of what has been 12 months of hard work and success by your side. This year (finally!) we have been able to enjoy our flagship store and welcome friends of Carner Barcelona to celebrate special moments together and show them our olfactory offer. We are a niche perfumery brand that develops our products with great care, based on concepts that inspire us to develop scents that manage to conquer smells around the world. Sharing this with all of you has been really gratifying. The doors of our flagship store are open to welcome you all. This year, we have also launched THE SUMMER JOURNEY COLLECTION, a collection inspired by the different moments of our Mediterranean summer. We celebrated its arrival sharing our new proposals with many friends and collaborators. During the past few months we’ve wanted to continue to get closer to all of you, showing our day to day, our purpose as a brand and team. We have also continued our commitment to sustainability, replacing part of our packaging for a more environmentally friendly one and offering the possibility to recycle our caps or refill some of our products in our flagship store. We have had time to travel around the world, representing Carner Barcelona and meeting many of our collaborators abroad. Our perfumes continue to travel and reach further and further afield. We continue to work on the development of new products and actions to keep surprising you. We will unveil some of the novelties that this new year will bring very soon. A little hint... we will travel again through our senses. On behalf of each and every one of the people who are part of Carner Barcelona, we wish you a year full of great moments with which to continue adding experiences and memories. Thank you for joining us for another year... Let’s continue! Carner Barcelona

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