Mediterranean Inspiration in Art

Born in vibrant Barcelona in 1954, Josep Riera i Aragó has made an artistic impact that reaches far beyond borders. His deep connection to the Mediterranean has inspired unique, playful, and poetic artworks filled with submarines, airplanes, and ships. In this new episode of Carner Barcelona Series, we have the pleasure of delving into the world of this fascinating artist. Join us!

What would you say inspires you the most when creating? "One of the most profound influences on my work is the Mediterranean. It's not just important; it's essential. The Mediterranean is the origin of my culture, and it also evokes deeply personal feelings."

The propeller is a recurring element in your works. Could you explain what it symbolizes or what you want to convey? "The propeller represents the shape of an eye. This form, which originates from the eye – 'the origin is the eye' – holds deep meaning for me. The propeller and the eye are like engines, driving us forward. They push us to go beyond our current limits, always striving for more."


Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? Where do you start? "The creative process is a continuous journey. There's no single path, but multiple stages where each technique—painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic art—contributes something. Everything comes together, unified by a single concept and idea."

Your work spans both painting and sculpture. How do you choose between the two? "For me, painting and sculpture complement each other. I feel comfortable with both. Painting is more mental, while sculpture is more physical, allowing direct interaction with materials."

What scent represents happiness for you? "The smell of the sea salt on my wife's skin... those moments are what happiness smells like to me."

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