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Original Collection

Eau de parfum


A tribute to the peace and harmony of a late summer afternoon — a fragrance that is pure, serene and enveloping.

Eau de parfum


Redolent with nostalgia for a bygone era of artisan ateliers where pipesmoke filled the air fusing with the scent of freshly tanned leather.

Eau de parfum


Costarela evokes that unique feeling of freedom that one can only experience when admiring the immensity of the open sea.

Love Collection

History Collection

Eau de parfum


Deep and compelling, Botafumeiro is a mystical perfume that makes tribute to the cultural and religious roots of the Old Continent.

Mediterranean Collection

Eau de parfum


Salado is the scent of sunbathed skin speckled with dry salt crystals left behind from a summer ocean dip in waters of blue tourmaline color. It’s crisp and refreshing like a soft Mediterranean breeze that skims across the deck of a sailboat docked at sea.

Eau de parfum


Bo-Bo, an ancient folkloric dance is just as it sounds — a lively and celebratory custom that still today in modern times transmits the festive Mediterranean spirit.

Eau de parfum

Rock Star

When the delicacy of a sea star partners with the strength of a rock, the beauty of the Mediterranean shines on its fusion of colors, shapes and textures.

Black collection

Eau de parfum


We bring you a fragrance that celebrates the powerful life force of Mother Nature — deep, complex and powerful.

Bestial collection

Extrait de parfum


The dragon; a fabulous creature that attracted the modernist artists, appealing to their imagination. A perfume that fires up with explosive and refined notes.


Sample set

Top 10 Discovery Set

Discover our ten best sellers; ten distinctive creations that transmit our Mediterranean DNA. Ten essences with their own identity, made in Barcelona by real artisans.

The set contains: Tardes, Cuirs, Costarela, Volcano, Latin Lover, Danzatoria, Botafumeiro, Fig Man, Bo-bo and Rockstar.

Includes 35€ discount to be used on your next order (purchase 100€ or more).

Measure: 10 x 1,7 ml / 10 x 0.057 fl.oz.


Eau de parfum

Miniature Set

Choose your own selection of 3 perfumes in a special edition of miniature bottles of 15ml. 

Carner Barcelona offers distinctive creations with their own insipiration and identity connected with the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle. Perfumes entirely manufactured in Barcelona by true artisans. 

Size: 3 miniatures x 15ml / 3 miniatures x 0.5 fl.oz.

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