Get to know Joaquim Carner, co-founder of Carner Barcelona

How is Joaquim Carner’s day-to-day life? 

My days start having breakfast at home while I read or listen to the news. If I don’t have any supplier visits, I go directly to the office. If my schedule permits, I like to go home for lunch. You can find me back in the office for the afternoon. Besides working, I try to play tennis or paddle with friends twice a week. I usually end my days by having dinner at home and enjoying some time on the sofa before going to bed.


As co-founder of Carner Barcelona, what part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy all the facets of my job, although I would highlight the process of creating our perfumes and our visits to international fairs, where we meet all our clients. 


After more than 12 years since the launching of the brand, which relevant moment would you highlight? 

The opening of our flagship store in the center of Barcelona has been, without a doubt, an important milestone for us. The fact of deciding to bet on our image in social media and the online sales channel has also been very positive for our brand.


If you had to choose only 3 Carner Barcelona perfumes, which would they be and why?

To start with, I would choose CUIRS because of the story behind the perfume and its fantastic scent. From DRAKON, I really like the “animal” part and how it is fixed on the skin. Finally, another of my favorites is BLACK CALAMUS, for its depth. 


What smell reminds you of your childhood? 

Without a doubt, CUIRS, which reminds me of the family business we grew up in. SALADO, for the aroma of the sea, the same scent we smelled every year on our family vacations in the Mediterranean.


Your favorite place and the smell that brings you to it.

More than a place, I would say a favorite time, which for me is summer. Everything that smells of this season awakens a very pleasant sensation in me. Any perfume from THE SUMMER JOURNEY COLLECTION manages to transport me to this time of the year.


What perfume would you give as a gift to your couple? 

Of course, I would choose TARDES, the perfume through which we met. In general, anything that smelled clean and pure.


A product that you would like to develop under the name of Carner Barcelona

Wherever I am, I like to have our perfumes at hand. On the bike, in the car, at the gym… So I would bet on a gadget for the car with the Carner Barcelona seal.


How do you imagine Carner Barcelona in the next 10 years?

I hope that we remain being a good company to work for and that customers continue to enjoy. I hope that the entire Carner Barcelona team, led by Sara and Ingrid, continues to enjoy good health. If so, there is no doubt that our brand will continue to grow and achieve important milestones for all of us.


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