Carner Barcelona
Carner Barcelona

Perfume Fusion

Why don’t we fuse a summer afternoon with the sensuality of a kiss? Or the marine salty breeze with the urban spirit of Barcelona? Even better... have some fun and create your own signature scent!

Original Fusion


The feeling of an intense and passionate kiss while admiring the beauty of a summer sunset...
An explosion of woods and florals that blend together with an air of romance.

2 x 50 ml / 200€ 170€

Love Fusion

Latin lover & Costarela

Imagine having a glass of wine in a boat by the Mediterranean enjoying your dreamy date, knowing that you are irresistible while playing romantic... feeling the warmth of the sun and surrounded with that
amazing scent of wood, salt and marine breeze of the Mediterranean sea... Latin Lover and Costarela; floral notes of ylang ylang, magnolia, jasmine and narcissus fuse perfectly with the salty woody Costarela.

2 x 50 ml / 200€ 170€

History Fusion

Botafumeiro & Cuirs

Heritage might be the word that best describes this fusion. Our cultural and religious roots mixed with one of the oldest crafts of our nation, the leather manufacturing. Notes of dry amber merge and leather come together harmoniously with incense and sandalwood to form a mystical fragrance.

2 x 50 ml / 200€ 170€

Mediterranean Fusion

Costarela & D600

The urban lifestyle of Barcelona merges with the Mediterranean spirit of the city; the true expression of our character. The citric opening of bergamot and the spiciness of black pepper and saffron blend effortlessly with the salty marine accord.

2 x 50 ml / 200€ 170€

Black Fusion

Volcano & Cuirs

Volcano and Cuirs fuse in a natural marvellous way, as they where always meant to be together. The sensuality and warmth of the oud wood comes to life in a unique olfactive experience.

2 x 50 ml / 275€ 250€

Make your own
personal fusion

We propose 5 winning fusions and give you the option to
create your own... Enjoy!