A Carner Barcelona perfume for every Easter destination

In Carner Barcelona we are passionate about our Mediterranean culture but that doesn't mean we don't like to travel and explore the world wherever we go.

Is there any better Easter plan than discovering a new destination, its landscapes, people and smells? Take note of our recommendations!

Bruges (Belgium)

Bruges is a Belgian city distinguished by its canals, cobblestone streets and medieval buildings. Travel back in time as you walk through its streets, as we do with BOTAFUMEIRO from our History Collection.

Hydra (Greece)

Lost in the Aegean Sea, Hydra is an island located in the south of Athens. A place to disconnect and enjoy its beaches and its donkey or horse rides. Don’t forget to add COSTARELA to your suitcase this Easter.

Killarney (Ireland)

Killarney is a small town located on the Atlantic coast where you can enjoy long walks through its green and leafy landscape, as well as its bucolic streets. TENNIS CLUB, a burst of freshness softened by musks and woods, will be your best travel companion.

Marrakech (Morocco)

Magical city of contrasts, visiting Marrakech makes the difference. Enjoy all its smells and nuances while strolling through its Medina. Our perfume AMBAR DEL SUR, inspired by Al-Andalus, is the best representation of the art and culture that marked that era.

Seville (Spain)

One of the most charming cities in Spain. Its gastronomy and the cheerful attitude of its people will conquer you, as well as its permanent scent of Jasmine, which will remind you of our BO-BO perfume.

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