10 years are only possible with the best team

September 2009 CARNER Barcelona was born, a new and exciting adventure that started with the desire of Sara Carner of creating a collection of niche and unique perfumes inspired by her memories, her beloved Barcelona and the Mediterranean spirit. Ten years later, this spirit is more vibrant than ever and CARNER Barcelona continues growing with the help of the best team. For this reason, we could not imagine a better way to start celebrating our tenth anniversary than introducing you the people behind CARNER Barcelona, they are the ones who make possible that our customers dream every day with our scents. Joaquim Carner What's your role in CARNER Barcelona? Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador How long have you been working with the team? 10 years. Favorite perfume? Cuirs. Sara Carner What's your role in CARNER Barcelona? Founder and Director How long have you been working with the team? 10 years ago I founded the brand and, since then, I'm fully dedicated to it. Favorite perfume? Depends on the occasion but, if I had to choose one right now, I would say Salado. Frederike Pérez What's your role in CARNER Barcelona? Supply chain; I'm responsible for the product production process, the purchase of components, stock control, operations and also part of the online sales chain and the digital marketing strategy. How long have you been working with the team? I started a year and a half ago. Favorite perfume? My favorite perfumes are a the ones that compose the Fresh Collection because I was involved in the whole process and I feel particularly attached to them. Lina Moises What's your role in CARNER Barcelona? Business development Manager How long have you been working with the team? Eight years ago. Favorite perfume? BESOS. Sandra Fava What's your role in CARNER Barcelona? I manage the administrative operations, the e-shop and wepbage. Moreover, I give support to the rest of the team in the different day to day tasks. How long have you been working with the team? I'm celebrating my second year with this amazing team this October! Favorite perfume? Difficult choice! I like so many and, at they are so different from one another... Depends on the moment: Latin Lover, BO-BO, Cuirs... Ingrid Carner What's your role in CARNER Barcelona? Account manager. How long have you been working with the team? It has been 4 years since I started dedicating full-time to CARNER. Favorite perfume? Without doubt, BO-BO. It's fresh and lasts all day. Gets me very good vibes and energy! The whole team answers… How would you describe CARNER Barcelona? Both, Sandra and Frede define CARNER Barcelona as an elegant, modern and young brand with a very familiar and open atmosphere. The whole team coincides in the fact that their perfumes transmit the Mediterranean lifestyle and are fabricated with the best materials in Barcelona, with love and dedication. Lina emphasizes that the brand has been built by people who have a passion por perfumes. What makes CARNER Barcelona different? Joaquim explains that CARNER Barcelona was the first signature perfume brand in Spain and it remains faithful to the original values and still work based on three main pillars: local producers, Barcelona and top perfumers. According to Sara, CARNER is not interested in fashion or trends, “we create timeless, authentic and original perfumes”. Ingrid highlights the added value of having a multicultural team. Lina adds that each member is different and has a very defined role but, at the same time, they complement each other perfectly, “we all believe in the brand and we love what we do”. What should we expect in this 10th anniversary? The answer is unanimous, the whole team is really excited about the two forthcoming novelties. On one side, the launching of the scented candle collection in November and, on the other, the opening of the brand’s very first flagship store in the heart of Paseo de Gracia. The boutique will transmit everything that CARNER represents; modernity, simplicity, authenticity, and... Barcelona!

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