Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Last Friday, March 19, at approximately 8:45 p.m, the lava began to flow from a break in the ground around the Fagradalsfjall volcano near the fishing village of Grindavík on the Reykjanes peninsula, about 30 kilometers from the capital of the country. This was a low intensity eruption that, due to its location, posed no threat to nearby towns or critical infrastructure, although it did force the closure of some bordering roads and residents were asked to stay away from valleys and other places near the fissure where toxic gases can accumulate.

Hundreds of people came to see the lava and there were even people who dared to cook sausages with the heat of the magma. Our Carner distributors in the country dared to take our Volcano perfume to the place to take some photos -Special thanks to Alexander Sigurður Sigfússon from Madison Reikjavik who took the photo-. Unfortunately, they had to leave the bottle there, because when the lava arrived it was too hot to take it back. So technically, there is a Carner Volcano perfume bottle buried under the Fagradalsfjall volcano for the next few thousand years. Who knows ... maybe someone will find it in some years and will be a huge success then!

With this experience, Volcano takes on a more real dimension than ever, celebrating the powerful force of Mother Nature and highlighting her deep, complex and powerful essence. Discover Vocano on our website: www.carnerbarcelona.com and enjoy the show!

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