Discover the essence of Barcelona with our curated guide to the city's best coffee, cocktails, cuisine, brunch spots, Japanese eateries, art venues, and libraries.  


 COFFEE: Energize Your Day

  1. Camelia Art Café: Artistic haven with meticulously crafted coffee. A perfect blend of culture and caffeine.
  2. SAGA Café Stories: Enjoy narratives while savoring carefully brewed coffee. A favorite spot for inspiration and coffee connoisseurs.
  3. Mollo Coffee: A commitment to quality beans ensures a sensory coffee journey.


SAGA Café Stories

 COCKTAIL: Sip and Savor the Night Away

  1. Belbo Luma: Innovative mixology at its best. A beacon of creativity and a delightful nightlife experience. 
  2. The Alchemix: Transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary cocktails. A magical spot for those seeking a unique drink experience. 
  3. Club 61: Where sophistication and creativity converge. An upscale establishment offering a curated cocktail experience. 
  4. Les Gens Que J’Aime: A cozy spot fostering community with delectable cocktails. A local favorite for relaxed evenings. 
  5. Solange Cocktails: Glamorous ambiance, perfect for a refined evening. An elegant choice for cocktail enthusiasts. 
  Belbo Luma  

CATALAN CUISINE: A Feast for the Senses
  1. Els Quatre Gats: A historic gem serving authentic Catalan dishes. Dine surrounded by echoes of past intellectuals. 
  2. El Jardí de l’Abadessa: Tranquil garden setting, blending tradition with innovation in Catalan cuisine.
  3. Cal Pep: A culinary haven transforming fresh ingredients into Catalan masterpieces. A must-visit for gastronomes.
  El Jardí de l’Abadessa

El Jardí de l’Abadessa  


BRUNCH: A Leisurely Start to Your Day

  1. Layali Pastri Cocktail: Middle Eastern-inspired brunch spot offering a fusion of savory pastries and aromatic cocktails.

  2. By Kate: Creative and fresh brunch destination redefining morning indulgence.

  3. Orval: Cozy spot providing a leisurely weekend brunch experience. Simplicity and sophistication meet on the plate.



JAPANESE FOOD: A Culinary Voyage to the Far East

  1. Sato y Tanaka: Authentic Japanese dining experience with precision and artistry in every dish.

  2. Shunka: Gastronomic journey through Japan with fresh ingredients and skilled chefs. A haven for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts. 

  3. Shoronpo: Cozy eatery specializing in Japanese dumplings. A hidden gem for comfort food with authenticity. 


Sato y Tanaka


ART: Where Creativity Takes Center Stage

  1. MOCO Museum: Modern Contemporary art museum showcasing cutting-edge exhibits. A visual treat for art enthusiasts.

  2. Digital Impact: Gallery showcasing interactive digital art, challenging perceptions, and engaging viewers.

  MOCO Museum


LIBRARY: Nourishing Minds in Tranquil Spaces  

  1. Arús Library: Extensive collection, a sanctuary for book lovers in a serene atmosphere.
  2. Gabriel García Marquez: A literary sanctuary inspired by storytelling, inviting you to explore a world of diverse narratives.
  3. Espai Quera: Tranquil space for intellectual exploration and reflection. A haven for those seeking quietude.

  Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Explore Barcelona through these unique treasures, each contributing to the city's vibrant tapestry of flavors and culture. Enjoy your journey!

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