A pilates meeting at Carner

Last June 3 we organized a fit meeting together with Espilates with the aim of enjoying a moment of disconnection from our Flagship store, in the heart of the Eixample district of Barcelona.

From Carner we like to promote all those initiatives that involve inner and outer personal care, that help to connect with our essence - never better said -. Aromas, breathing, sport, and personal care in general are certainly part of a way of life very much in line with Carner’s Mediterranean values. We also take this opportunity to make a small presentation of our new Body Collection, which apart from smelling wonderfully like Bobo (our top-seller), takes care of your body. What a better time to do that than in this event precisely designed for that!

Our young shop on Carrer Diputació, a few minutes from Passeig de Gràcia, designed by Jofre Roca was built with the aim of creating a place to be our home, a place where you can feel good and be able to generate value for Carner. Its interior design inspires peace, with white walls and wooden combinations: completely Mediterranean. It is our Temple, and in it we want to promote events and encounters that can inspire us and help us feel good.

Espe from Espilates, prepared a very special class for us. The guests, friends and great ambassadors of the brand enjoyed a unique moment in which two brands came together to achieve a perfect synergy: a moment of pilates, breathing and connection wrapped in Carner aromas.

As you will know if you are a follower of our brand, in our DNA there are values ​​of craftsmanship, sustainability and in short, the creation of a unique, exclusive, local and high-quality product. Our philosophy resides in the festive and joyful spirit of the Mediterranean which, in addition to being a culture, is also a way of life that also involves being good with oneself.

Undoubtedly there are many ways to take care of ourselves, from a Pilates class to a walk on the beach but it is true that adding a Carner aroma can only improve them and make them even more special!

And you, do aromas and sport make you feel good? Do they invite you to take care of yourself, and connect to your center? What moments are your favorites?

A relaxing time at home, lighting a candle and doing a care routine for example, or maybe a yoga class? Or are you more of a nature getaway?

Here we leave you some photos of our last pilates class with Espilates and we hope to be able to repeat very soon and continue with proposals to take care of ourselves!

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