Art and high-end perfumes

The perfume is capable of transmitting an emotion, evoke memories, make people feel. A very fine line separates perfume and art. In the end, both inspire and pretend to cause a positive aesthetic effect and therefore pleasant to those who enjoy it.

Typical greek small boat in the sea.

Carner has collaborated with the artist Kera Morgan, original from California, to assess how the artist expresses on paper what the Mediterranean evokes her. The result has been an art of work that transmits serenity, tranquility, but also strength and a sense of freedom. Like Costarela, this painting is the true expression of our Mediterranean spirit.


“Inspired by all the hidden calas that I've bathed in during summers in Spain. The Mediterranean is so calm and peaceful. It's glassy. It's salty. The crystal clear bubbles that form on the shore of smooth-stoned beaches as the tide washes in. It's color shifts from deep aqua to emerald depending on the light and depth but it's always crisp and clear. It's rather meditative. I was trying to mimic not only the colors but the meditative repetition of the mini rolling waves coming up on shore; the feeling of the current as it gently tugs on your body as you float on your back; as tiny fish swim in schools near the sea floor creating subtle vibrations and movement of sand and rocks.” Kera Morgan

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