Hello from Moscow

Few days ago we had the pleasure to visit the astonishing city of Moscow to attend a PR event organized by our partner in the country. It was quite an event in which we had the chance to meet with bloggers, journalists and perfume lovers and talk with them about niche perfumery in Russia and the trends within the industry. etoile-september-16-4

It was really interesting to learn about Russian tastes and habits when it comes to perfumes. It was such a surprise to discover that no matter the season of the year, even when the weather is really cold, most Russians prefer to wear fresh and balmy fragrances, not tough or powerful perfumes. This explains why our sensual floral Tardes and our latest launch Costarela are within their favorites of our collection.

20160928_132345 After the public event we enjoyed Moscow by walking down its historical streets and monumental buildings with a fantastic sunny weather. We will be there again next February with temperatures below -10 C, so we better start waxing our skis and writing Santa Claus for the thickest gloves! img_20160927_215419 Till the next chapter!

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