Our selection for Father's day

You may think that giving your father a perfume is nothing original but, wait, let us give you some arguments that will make you change your mind. It is very likely that your father has been using the same perfume for more than twenty years, either because your mother or his wife gave it to him, and yes, it would surely be good for him if you invite him to discover other olfactory universes ... And this is corroborated with data According to NPD Group, a consultancy that analyzes the selective market, men are very loyal to their perfumes and usually buy once or twice a year, usually to replace an already finished perfume. Women, on the other hand, establish an emotional bond with perfume, so are constantly looking for a new perfume, adding new fragrances to our collection because we need to find the ideal perfume for our mood at every moment of our life.

Another reason, is that a fragrance is a very personal gift and that it will indicate that you know your father and have looked for something special for him, instead of giving the typical utilitarian gift. I suspect that there will also be a reader here looking for a special gift for a young father, who still cannot receive a detail from his little one, but who deserves to celebrate his new paternal status ... Well, for those parents we also have recommendations. And, according to NPD Group, millennials do not handle themselves well in this area. It is true that they are increasingly interested in smelling good and taking care of their physical appearance, but they are better managed in the field of personal hygiene than in the world of fragrance. That is to say, they opt for bath gels and deodorants with a good smell, but when it comes to choosing perfume they don't really know where they go. So there you have a golden opportunity to show off by giving a perfume.

Here is our TOP 5 gifts for Father's Day


Nothing better to discover the assortment of the original Carner collection, immerse in new fragrances and choose the one he likes best.


The perfect gift to present three different fragrances -and do not take the risk choosing only one- in a travel format so that you your father can finally choose the one he likes the most. The 15ml miniature are so pretty you'll want to collect them! A perfect gift for young dads who will appreciate variety and format.


One of our best sellers, without a doubt one of our most masculine fragrances with the most personality. Cuirs refers to the tradition in the leather industry of the Carner family. With woody notes, hints of patchouli, violet, musk and amber, Cuirs is a perfume infused with nostalgia for those days of artisan workshops where the smoke from smoking pipes mixed with the smell of freshly tanned wet leather.


Inspired by Dalí's magnificent Homme Figuier illustration, Fig Man takes seemingly classic earthy notes and revolutionizes them to create a surreal scent that alters the senses. A fresh and special fragrance for dads of all ages. Without a doubt, an olfactory bet that will not leave you indifferent.

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