Ponza, a hidden gem in the Mediterranean

There is no better feeling than traveling. Planning a getaway and taking distance from our frenetic day to day is the best way to re-connect with oneself and become inspired.

Discovering different cultures, being in touch with nature, perceiving new flavors and aromas… This is our favorite way of building memories and experiences that will later help us in the process of creation of Carner Barcelona’s signature perfumes.

It is well known that our perfume collection has the Mediterranean in its DNA, for this reason, continuing with our journal’s summer edition (last article we spoke about our favorite restaurants in the Catalan coast), today we want to share with you one of our favorite and most beautiful hidden gems in the Mediterranean, this is Ponza, a volcanic island soaked by emerald green, light green, crystal clear and dark blue waters.

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Ponza is special not only for its natural landscape, but also for the simplicity and genuineness of the people who live there. Life with no pretentions, herein lies its strength (nothing to do with Capri, its neighboring island).

Because this island is not the easiest place in the world to get to*, this is probably part of its magic. The sheltered port of Porto and a bunch of boxy houses forming a pastel mosaic will welcome you. Restaurants with the best of Italy’s gastronomy, cafes offering unbeatable views, and beautiful small stores selling handcraft souvenirs and local products is all you will find in this fishing village.

Porto retains the beauty of its origins, a destination (fortunately) still unspoiled for visitors from afar.

There is actually just another village in the rest of the island, a cluster of flat-topped buildings strung along a plateau at Ponza’s center, this is Le Forna, which is just a walk away from the sea and… the Piscine Naturali! Saltwater pools formed by ancient volcanic activity.

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Still, since this is a volcanic island, some areas are not always easy to reach by car. Actually is by boat when the island’s charms come to (real) life. The best vantage from which to appreciate the sheer tuff cliffs bleached white by the sun and eroded by water and wind is from the sea.

Renting a boat here is highly recommended. Once on the open water, you are free to border the coast and explore its ancient grottoes, such as the Pilate’s Grottoes, a series of cave pools that were carved by hand.

Dropping the anchor in one of the sheltered bays and reading a book or listening to music while sipping a glass of Italian wine will make you enjoy (slow) life at its best.

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Foto de Island Touch

Back to the island, and as the sun sets… It’s time to put on your best beach look and (of course) your favorite Carner Barcelona perfume and head to Spiaggia di Frontone, where you will find the coolest beach club. Good music and refreshing cocktails guaranteed!

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Da Gerardo, also located in Via Frontone, is a wonderful spot to appreciate the essence of the island while savoring the freshest fish.

Hope you go back home fully inspired and renovated as we do, every time we visit Ponza!

*The best way to arrive is by taking a train from Rome to Formia and then a ferry that will take you to your final destination.

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