Art in the streets of Barcelona

We often think we need to go to a museum to admire an art piece but, don’t you love walking around the city’s streets, especially on Christmas days? If you do so, we invite you to open your eyes wide and we are pretty sure you will discover that the Catalan’s Capital has authentic hidden gems spread all around the city. Here you are five Urban Art Pieces that have inspired us in the process creation of some of our niche perfumes: El monument al llibre, by Joan Brossa “Monument to the book”, at the crossing Passeig de Gràcia with Gran Vía in Barcelona, is a sculpture from the year 1994 commissioned by the Guild of second-hand booksellers of Catalonia. Brossa, a poet and fine artist, was bold enough to make his art public by bringing it into the street. WHERE: Paseo de Gracia with Gran Vía RIMA XI (Woody Collection), an intensive floral spicy fragrance that represents our passion for poetry and literature, our particular homage to all the writers and booksellers worldwide. El món neix en cada besada, by Joan Fontcuberta The artist launched in 2014 this photo-ceramic Mosaic called “The World borns with every kiss”, just a few steps walk from Barcelona’s Cathedral and Palau de La Musica. The art piece represents two mouths kissing and it’s formed by 4.000 images sent by people from Barcelona. WHERE: Plaça d’Isidre Nonell, 6-8, 08002 Barcelona BESOS (Floral Collection), a warm an alluring perfume that leaves you wanting more. "Monument als Castellers" Walking closet o Plaça Sant Jaume just behind the city Council we find a 30-meter tall sculpture that homages one of most spectacular Catalan traditions, “Castellers” (human tower member groups), created by Antoni Llena and commissioned by the council. WHERE: Plaça de Sant Miquel, 08002 Barcelona BO-BO (Fresh Collection), everybody knows how much we love our traditions, one of our scents we have launched this year has been BO-BO, the materialization of this admiration towards the Catalan culture. Barcelona, ​​City of Dragons Barcelona is full of dragons watching us from the gargoyles of the old buildings. More than a thousand of them are hiding in the façades, the streets and the squares of the city. The dragon; the guardian of power of nature, and a very wise animal. There are many types of dragons: wild, magical, fantastical, terrifying… Many believe that these dragons have been placed in different buildings throughout the city because of what dragons represent. A dragon can embody a guardian, powerful and wise. Protecting the city of any person or creature that threatens to destroy it. WHERE: Find them all over the city’s façades. ROSE & DRAGON (Black Collection) encapsulates the essence of one of the most famous legends in catalonia. Barcino, by Joan Brossa This visual poem created by Joan Brossa in 1992 stands just in front of Barcelona's Roman wall, where the aqueduct once entered the city. This sculpture blends in perfectly with the city's most ancient stones AND spells out the word Barcino, the Roman name of Barcelona, and is the artist's tribute to the ancient colony. The letters, six of them made of bronze and one of aluminum, are bolted to the ground and make up a fun and original display, very much in keeping with this Barcelona-born artist's visual poems. Although the letters spell out a single word, each one is a work of art on its own, and as a whole they create an interplay with the perspective and their surroundings. WHERE: Plaça Nova, 08002 Barcelona EL BORN (Woody Collection) a perfume that talks about the vitality and character of one of the most popular quarters of the city. Source: Portrait image from Hoy nos vamos a…

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