What are niche perfumes?

What are niche perfumes? And what are the differences between niche and selective or commercial perfumes? Niche perfumes are those developed using the best available ingredients, original creations that have an evolution on the skin as the hours pass. They usually have a long lasting effect as they use qualitative natural materials. Niche perfumes creators usually seek to transmit an inspiration or a concept with a direct link to the olfactive notes of the perfume. Esthetically niche perfumes usually have a timeless design, as they place the protagonism on the juice itself and do not follow commercial trends. The consumer of niche perfumes wants to feel special, distinctive and looks for original creations still qualitative and long lasting. He wants to connect with the inspiration behind and experience it through the notes and looks for these perfumes in specialty stores and boutique perfumeries. Niche perfume houses usually manufacture limited quantities as its targeted clientele is very reduced and they are found in a very selective retail distribution. Normally niche brands belong to small family owned companies. On the other hand, selective or commercial perfumes are developed for a much broader audience, thus they are not very risky “olfactively” speaking. To ensure big sales, retail prices are lower and naturally quality and duration is much less than niche. Packaging takes a big part in commercial perfumery as companies look to capture the attention and attract customers through a very trendy, colorful and fashionable packaging. Customers of commercial perfumes look for perfumes that make them feel good and smell nice but are not too picky about the duration or the distinctiveness of the fragrance. Commercial perfumes are available in many more retail points of sale than niche and are usually owned by big holding companies with more than one brand in their portfolio. Carner Barcelona is positioned within the niche artistic category, it is a family owned brand, locally manufactured and with a very selective distribution. We work hard to ensure all our new creations follow the quality brand standards. Sara and Joaquim genuinely develop each perfume inspired in their beloved hometown and the Mediterranean.

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