Signature Cocktails inspired by Carner Barcelona’s Oriental Collection

Have you ever thought how many notes and essences a fragrance can share with a cocktail? This week we took Carner Barcelona’s Oriental Collection to a professional barman, and good friend of the house, and proposed him a challenge, we asked him to create a signature cocktail inspired by each of the three signature perfumes composing the collection.

And… This is was the result!

Mandarin Bloody Mary: This cocktail has spicy notes, contains cinnamon and mandaring just like Megalium Perfume.

  • 60 ml of Belvedere vodka
  • 120 ml of natural mandarin puree (use a blender, not a squeezer to get the right texture, and remain the pulp)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 touch of Tabasco

Pour all the ingredients in the shaker and mix it well before serving it on a tulip glass with crushed ice.

For the final touch, add a cinnamon stick, and a spiral of mandarin peel

Ambar del sur-Floral notes: vanilla, bergamot, tonka vean

London Spring: Inspired by our Ambar del Sur Perfume, they both share the floral notes and the essence of vanilla.

  • 50 ml of Brookmans Gin (very floral, you will notice it as soon as you remove the cap!)
  • 20 ml of Vanilla syrup
  • 100 ml of Jasmine tea

Infuse the jasmine tea and let sit. After ten minutes, pour all the ingredients in the shaker and mix it well before serving it on a glass “on the rocks” with crushed ice.

For the final touch, use Jasmine flowers.

Smoked Berry’n tonic: Captures all the smoke filling, just as Botafumeiro Perfume does. The berries and nutmeg are also very present in this cocktail.

  • 50 ml Lagavulin Whiskey (it has the smoked touch that we are looking for in this cocktail)
  • 100 ml Pink pepper tonic
  • 2 touches of nutmeg
  • Mouse of berries

Pour the whiskey, the pepper tonic and the nutmeg in the shaker and mix it well before serving it on a glass “on the rocks”. Make sure you leave a centimeter (aprox) to complete the cocktail with the mouse of berries.

For the final touch, use berries and pink pepper.

Take good note because we guarantee these signature cocktails are just as addictive as our fragrances.