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The crown jewels of Carner Barcelona, our pefumes.


Активные фильтры


The crown jewels of Carner Barcelona, our pefumes.

Original Collection

Eau de parfum


A perfume that captures the urban lifestyle and the Mediterranean spirit of Barcelona — a vibrant spicy perfume with a touch of mystery.

Love Collection

History Collection

Mediterranean Collection

Eau de parfum


Salado is the scent of sunbathed skin speckled with dried salt crystals left behind from a summer ocean dip in waters the color of blue tourmaline. It’s crisp and refreshing like a soft Mediterranean breeze that skims across the deck of a sailboat docked at sea.

Eau de parfum


Bo-Bo, an ancient folkloric dance is just as it sounds — a lively and celebratory custom that still today in modern times transmits the festive Mediterranean spirit.

Eau de parfum

Fig Man

Inspired by the wondrous illustration Homme Figuier by Dali, Fig Man takes seemingly classic earthy notes subverting them to create a fanciful aroma that will titilate senses.

Eau de parfum

Rock Star

Когда изысканность морской звезды сочетается с силой камня, великолепие. Средиземноморья переливается в слиянии их цветов, форм и текстур.

Black collection

Bestial collection

Extrait de parfum


The dragon; a fabulous creature that attracted the modernist artists, appealing to their imagination. A perfume that fires up with explosive and refined notes.

Dream collection

Summer Journey Collection


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