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Best sellers

Активные фильтры

Best sellers

Original Collection

Love Collection

History Collection

Mediterranean Collection

Eau de parfum


Bo-Bo, an ancient folkloric dance is just as it sounds — a lively and celebratory custom that still today in modern times transmits the festive Mediterranean spirit.

Black collection

Bestial collection

Extrait de parfum


The dragon; a fabulous creature that attracted the modernist artists, appealing to their imagination. A perfume that fires up with explosive and refined notes.


Sample set

Top 10 Discovery Set

Discover our ten best sellers; ten distinctive creations that transmit our Mediterranean DNA. Ten essences with their own identity, made in Barcelona by real artisans.

Discover these perfumes: Tardes, Cuirs, Costarela, Volcano, Latin Lover, Marbella, Botafumeiro, Ibiza Nights, Bo-bo and Rockstar.

Includes 35€ discount on your next order (purchase 50€ or more).


Mediterranean Collection

Eau de parfum

Rock Star

Когда изысканность морской звезды сочетается с силой камня, великолепие. Средиземноморья переливается в слиянии их цветов, форм и текстур.


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