Flowers and Love

In a world of different cultures and languages, different races and religions we all find the flower as the best expression of love. Flowers are part of the most important moments of our lives, they are present on birthdays, weddings, graduations, funerals…sometimes we use them to wish good luck, others to send a hope of recovery…and love is always behind its inspiration. Through the centuries, flowers have become a “language” by itself. Did you know that the orange blossom means purity? or that a white rose means innocence? Geranium for example, means true friendship and heliotrope, eternal love. Our latest collection is all about flowers. It talks about three different love emotions; passion, seduction and search of true love. _DSC5802 Notes of black pepper, mandarin, jasmine and vanilla mingle together for an aromatic explosion of passion in BESOS. It’s addictive, sensual and deep, just like that come-hither kiss that leaves you wanting more. LATIN LOVER, that genuine seductive with blameless fame of conqueror, like him the perfume is attractive and captivating, with heady and herbaceous notes of bergamot, narcissus and patchouli. Our third floral is courteous and noble; during times of gallantry, lovelorn bachelors sat to have their portrait painted with a red carnation, a SWEET WILLIAM, symbolizing their search for true love. A fascinating composition with ylang ylang, iris and carnation, the protagonist.

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