New Year Resolutions

So here we are again, with one entire year, (and decade!) ahead. New projects, new dreams, new experiences and adventures to live… This is the perfect moment to write down what are your resolutions and objectives for the next 366 days. Here you are some of the resolutions the members of Carner Barcelona have added to their lists and we think are worth sharing: More ”me-time”: We all have our daily duties and socializing is always fun, but… By the end of the day, don’t you miss quietness, that quiet peaceful moment just for you? Here’s our perfect plan; fill the bath with hot water, light a scented candle and plunge into the bathtub, just for 20 minutes, once a week, the perfect way to disconnect and reconnect! Read more: Reading is often the “unfinished business”, apparently there is always something more exciting than grabbing a book but when you do it… OMG, there are some amazing writers that know exactly how to transport you into another reality and that is simply priceless. Did you know that our perfume RIMA XI is an homage to our founder’s favorite poem from G.A. Bécquer? Spread move love: In the uncertain times in which we live, we truly believe that we need to express more positive vibes, more gratitude and try to always have a nice word for everyone, no matter if it’s a close friend, your mother or someone you come across randomly. This 2020 we definitively want more hugs and BESOS (kisses :))! Feel more confident: To spread love, the previous step is to have more selflove. No one is perfect but everyone is special in a way. We all have a LATIN LOVER inside! Spend more time with family and Friends: Long conversations around the table, laughing and enjoying a good local wine, as simple as that, this is what makes the Mediterranean culture so special and what inspired us to create BO-BO. The essence of who we truly are, and we do not want our frenetic day to day to make us forget that so… Lets spend more quality time together!

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