Our Sant Jordi's rose with Casa Protea

On April 23rd, we teamed up with the local floral studio Casa Protea to host a unique stand of artistic roses in front of our Flagship store. A unique and sensory day!

As we pondered how we could add a creative and distinctive touch to our favorite celebration in Barcelona, we stumbled upon Jesús and Pancho, two plant enthusiasts and founders of Casa Protea Plant Collectors Studio. 

Immediately, we were captivated by their botanical workshop and the artistic flair they infuse into all their creations. The meticulousness with which they select and combine each flower and foliage to create unique compositions inspired us to collaborate with them to celebrate Sant Jordi’s Day in a memorable and exclusive way. The outcome?

A unique stand of artistic roses in front of our Flagship Store in Barcelona, blending our Mediterranean niche perfumery with a selection of creative roses, including the fabulous ROSA HEARTS, DAVID AUSTIN, and PINK O'HARA.

Throughout the day, there was a special atmosphere: a blend of the excitement that Sant Jordi’s Day brings and the passion for creativity and natural beauty. Visitors not only took away artistic roses to gift to their loved ones but also immersed themselves in the world of  Carner Barcelona fragrances, taking with them a piece of the essence of our beloved Barcelona.

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