New Scented Candle Collection

For the last few months Carner Barcelona’s team has been working on a new and exciting project, not only to make our product family grow but, at the same time, add a good reason to celebrate our 10th anniversary with all of you. Finally, this project has come to light (never better said) and we cannot be more excited to announce that we are launching an exclusive candle collection! Three scents that honor three of our all-time bestsellers; Tardes, Cuirs and Latin Lover. Essences that talk about who we are and where we come from. Three candles that will fill the atmosphere and make you enjoy and live the momentum with more intensity. Tardes: Winter is around the corner and that feeling of nostalgia for those summer afternoons with no obligations, just walking across the fields while admiring the beauty of the sun setting behind the hills, is inevitable. Now back to your daily duties, transport yourself to those slow, peaceful moments; light a Tardes candle, turn on your favorite song and sink yourself into a warm and relaxing bath. You’ll instantly realize how stress has blown away and how your body mind and soul automatically reconnect. Cuirs: A long talk after lunch, friends around the table chilling and enjoying a drink. The coziness of the fireplace fired and a Cuirs candle filling the atmosphere with Sandal wood and leather accords. Is there any better plan after a cold winter morning out skiing? Latin Lover: A quiet room under the candlelight, a moment of complicity, just the two of you. Latin Lover is a candle that fosters the power of seduction, awakens the senses and creates sparks of desire in an elegant and subtle way. A soirée where no words are needed. Did you know all our candles are manufactured in an artisanal way? See the whole creation process, from the manufacturer until the candle is ready to be delivered to your home, in this video:

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