We present our latest edition of CARNER BARCELONA SERIES,  a platform dedicated to showcasing the best of Barcelona and the Mediterranean lifestyle. This time, we focus on the history of the iconic Kiss Mural in the Gothic Quarter, in celebration of Valentine's Day. 


Next, our founder, Sara Carner, will share more about the inspiration and significance behind this initiative, as well as Barcelona's special connection with the Kiss Mural.




What is the inspiration behind the Kiss Mural?

Sara Carner:  The Kiss Mural is a love story and collaboration at the heart of Barcelona, specifically in the Gothic Quarter. This artwork was created by Joan Fontcuberta and emerged from an initiative on social media where the artist invited citizens to contribute images to be part of it. The result is the product of the collaboration of 4,000 Barcelonans who shared their snapshots, thus creating the representation of an emotional kiss. Each tile tells a unique story; each image captures moments of joy, freedom, and above all, love.


Why associate the Kiss mural with Valentine's Day?

Sara Carner:  For us, this iconic piece of the city, besides being the most photographed kiss, fits perfectly with the theme of Valentine's Day. However, the most significant aspect is the message it conveys.

For Carner, love is defined by memories and moments shared with the people we cherish the most. In fact, every fragrance we create is infused with stories and experiences that evoke the warmth of the Mediterranean, offering a unique sensory experience that endures over time.



Could you give us further details regarding its history and significance?

Sara Carner:  Of course! This mural, so emblematic for Barcelona, was installed in 2014 and bears the signature of the artist and photographer Joan Fontcuberta and the ceramist Antoni Cumella. Its creation commemorates the three hundred years since the Fall of Barcelona on September 11, 1714, a crucial event that marks the Diada, a date of great importance for our city.


How would you invite people to experience this artwork and your connection with Barcelona?

Sara Carner:  I would tell them to discover more about this artwork, to immerse themselves in its stories, and to explore our brand Carner Barcelona that captures the essence of Barcelona. We want them to live the full experience of the city, to be carried away by the love and passion that characterize it, and to feel part of this community that celebrates life and art on every corner.


Love Collection, Carner Barcelona


Any curiosity you'd like to share about the mural?

Sara Carner:  Yes! The Kiss Mural was initially meant to be temporary, but due to its success and popular pressure, it was kept permanently. It reflects the connection it has with Barcelona.

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