International Women's Day, celebrated annually on March 8th since 1975, represents a valuable opportunity to honor women's daily achievements, support their talent, and give visibility to their contributions across various fields.


At Carner Barcelona, we are continually inspired by the women around us. In celebration of female and local talent, we present a new campaign: WE INSPIRE. In this initiative, we highlight women who not only inspire us with their exceptional work but also promote positive change within their respective industries.


Below, we share more about their experiences, hoping that their stories motivate you to continue pursuing your dreams, challenge norms, and leave your mark along the way.




Anne Igartiburu is one of the most beloved television presenters in Spain and, more recently, a well-known figure in the realm of personal well-being. In her podcast "Mi Latido de Más" and her book "La Vida Empieza Cada Día", Igartiburu shares her journey towards emotional health, inspiring us to live a healthy and mindful life.


Anne provides us with a unique perspective on the connection between emotional health and personal empowerment. As she herself asserts: "Through self-awareness, one progresses towards emotional fulfillment and well-being, celebrating a life with more meaning and coherence."


When discussing advice for those seeking a healthier and more mindful lifestyle, especially women, Anne encourages us to be curious in the pursuit of our identity and life purpose. In her own words: "Be curious in the search for who you are and thus progress in your life purpose, accepting and celebrating what you are in your life journey."


Additionally, Anne shares how various women have influenced her own journey towards well-being. Her words and experiences inspire us to value and recognize the impact that women have on our lives and our pursuit of emotional well-being. As she mentions: "Many authors, artists, my own mother, and friends..."






Àngels Grau is a Catalan artist recognized for her work "INVISIBLE WOMEN." Through her art, Grau explores the stories, struggles, and resilience of women often overlooked by history and society.


The inspiration behind her work "INVISIBLE WOMEN" arose from her own personal experience. "Family reunification led me to the US. In the new country, with 4 children and no possibility of working due to the type of visa, I felt lost. I decided to pick up the brushes again, and a painter friend advised me to paint myself when I returned to my studio. I painted myself INVISIBLE. With a strong neck capable of holding it all, I challenged the camera to say: I am invisible but I am here and I exist," shares Grau.


The message that Grau hopes to convey through her work is to give visibility to all women. As she expresses herself: "I hope it serves to give visibility to all the strong women who work tirelessly, often from anonymous positions, every day, in their jobs and lives, to improve their family, their society, and their world."


For Grau, art has been a powerful tool to amplify the voices of women. "It has been a powerful tool to question established norms and promote gender equality and address issues such as oppression, discrimination, and gender-based violence, raising awareness and promoting social change," comments Grau.





Chloé Sucrée, author of four successful books and founder of the blog "Being Biotiful," inspires with her approach to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Sucrée emphasizes the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle with motherhood, highlighting how being a woman has shaped her approach to wellness and nutrition. She shares, "I am someone who has learned to listen to my body a lot and be sensitive to how I feel; sometimes it seems that maybe we are more attentive, without falling into stereotypes. Being connected leads me to seek a well-being and a diet in line with my needs that can change."


For women seeking to maintain a healthy and simple lifestyle while facing daily demands, Sucrée offers comforting advice: "Perfection doesn't exist. What works for me may not work for them. We do the best we can. Set realistic goals and celebrate all the good in everyday life. Seek balance, not perfection."


Regarding the message she hopes to convey to her followers through her work and books, Sucrée mentions, "I hope they find a way of eating that feels good and enjoyable to them, colorful, seasonal, and accessible."




These women, each in their own way, remind us of the importance of celebrating the diversity of experiences and contributions of women in our society, inspiring us all to pursue our dreams and create a more inclusive and equitable world for future generations.

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