How is the creation process of our perfumes?

At Carner Barcelona we offer high perfumery, getting involved in every detail and investing a special effort in the creative part of each of our perfumes.

All our olfactory proposals have a real, authentic and genuine inspiration that we want to transmit to the rest of the world through the ingredients.

The creative process starts with a concept inspired by our culture, art, design, lifestyle... that Carner brothers want to transform into perfume. Each story or inspiration behind each of our perfumes is part of their daily lives, concerns and interests.

Once the concept is decided, Sara and Joaquim define those olfactory notes that will be key to transmit their inspiration. Once they have chosen those chords or ingredients that represent at its best their idea, they work closely with an expert perfumer, who will create the scent they want to represent. It can take months to find the best formulation that conveys their idea.

At Carner Barcelona we work with renowned international perfumers from Barcelona, Paris or New York with whom we ensure to work using the most exquisite ingredients, without compromising on quality and obtaining a result based on excellence and originality.

Carner Barcelona

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