THE SUMMER JOURNEY, an olfactive diary of our Mediterranean summers

Dear diary, I am counting the days to enjoy the Mediterranean summer again. Like every year, we will spend a few weeks near the sea, among family and friends. We start our days having breakfast as a family. Orange juices from our tree and freshly baked bread. Its warm and pleasant smell will join our first conversations of the day. We take our bathing suits and go straight to the beach. We spend there the all morning between sand, rocks and endless waves that fill our skin and hair with salt. The sun tans us while we laugh, talk or simply relax. It's time for a snack! We go back home, where we refresh ourselves drinking soda with lemon while we prepare a paella. Under a grapevine, we enjoy the end of a family morning with the smell of salt, bergamot and jasmine. Sal y Limón Carner Barcelona After a well-deserved “siesta”, we take our bikes and ride down to the tennis court. There, among green pines and under a blue sky, our friends are waiting to enjoy an afternoon of laughter to the sound of the ball against the rackets and the ground. Our afternoons smell of neroli, marine accords mixed with orange and bergamot. Tennis Club Carner Barcelona The afternoon continues and, after a refreshing shower, we drive to the village to stroll together while the sun gradually hides, leaving the way to a full moon with a slightly reddish hue that will illuminate the rest of our night. We stroll, enjoy dinner and have a few drinks while enjoying long conversations. Although the mood is relaxed and there’s no hurry, the night is getting shorter and shorter and smells of jasmine, pomegranate and musk. Super Moon Carner Barcelona The moon illuminates the sea waves. Mesmerized by this soothing sight, I will take a deep breath and think that these are the moments and the smells that I will remember throughout the year, as I count the days to enjoy them again.

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