Inside the Studio of Jordi Labanda: Carner Barcelona Series (III)

Step into the world of illustrator and designer, Jordi Labanda in the newest feature of Carner Barcelona Series, where the artist delves into his artistic vision, creative process, and profound connection with Barcelona, a shared affinity with Carner Barcelona.



Could you share the story of how it all began for you?

My first job was for the newspaper La Vanguardia, which I considered an artistic reference at the time. I presented myself at their offices and that very day I walked away with my first assignment. This collaboration marked a turning point in my career, and it has been the most enduring one throughout my professional life.


Did you struggle to find your style?

Finding my voice wasn't difficult for me. The 90s in Barcelona were brimming with inspiration, given the city's transformation and cultural scene. I had already explored my inner world, making my voice emerge naturally at that moment. It was a progressive but organic process, I didn’t force it at all.


Irony is a constant in your illustrations. What message do you aim to convey?

Haha, to be honest, I consider myself a rather ironic person in general. I enjoy using irony as a tool in my work to add a touch of humor and, at the same time, to provoke questions in the viewer rather than providing the answers. It's my personal way of encouraging reflection beyond a mere illustration.



What inspires you?

Inspiration is everywhere: movies, art, fashion, and fashion photography. In my early days, my work was particularly influenced by the elegance of fashion magazines from the 50s and 70s, with illustrations like those by René Gruau. Nowadays, I find much inspiration in Barcelona, my city. Living in the heart of the city and strolling through Ciutat Vella fills me with creativity. In this sense, I strongly identify with brands like Carner, as Barcelona remains a constant source of inspiration. There is always something surprising about this city that never ceases to inspire me.



Speaking of Barcelona... What scents remind you of your city?

I love the smell of ports in general, but especially, the one from Barcelona's port. It's a distinctive aroma of the city, particularly the mix of sea salt with other notes. I absolutely adore it!


Any advice for aspiring artists starting their careers? We live in a rather complex era, where everything happens very fast, and where finding your personal style can be challenging. My advice is to nurture yourself culturally. Read, watch movies, and visit exhibitions. Culture is power. On a personal level, search for your own voice through introspection. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Find your message and embrace it fully.


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