At Carner Barcelona, we deeply celebrate tradition, quality, and local craftsmanship. In this episode of Carner Barcelona Series, we invite you to delve into the history of Curtidos Badia, the local leather factory that inspired the creation of our perfume, Cuirs. With 135 years of experience, Curtidos Badia is a global reference in the leather industry. Discover their legacy through an exclusive interview with Xavier Badia, Director of Curtidos Badia.

When was the factory born?

The story of Curtidos Badia began generations ago when my family decided to venture into the world of leather tanning. We started by producing leather for footwear, and over the years, we expanded our work into luxury leather goods. Our dedication to craftsmanship and our relentless pursuit of quality have allowed us to become a trusted supplier for fashion brands worldwide.

What is the most significant legacy you have inherited?

The commitment to quality, local production, and the passion with which we create our leather. We continue to uphold this philosophy today, ensuring that each piece of leather is artisanal and exceptional. We maintain high-quality standards at every stage of the production process, setting us apart in a highly competitive market.

What do you enjoy the most?

The production process I enjoy the most is creating new items. Adapting our products to the market, colors, and trends is an exciting challenge. Furthermore, meticulous attention to the tanning and finishing process remains essential to achieving the quality that defines us.

If you had to choose a perfume, which one would it be?

Cuirs. In this perfume, Sara and Joaquim from Carner Barcelona have perfectly captured the legacy of our family, with its hints of leather, tobacco, and wood. It's a fragrance that takes me straight back "home" and represents the essence of what we do at Curtidos Badia.

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