The best perfumes to give this Saint Valentine's day

When February 14 arrives, our hearts soften a little and we want to show all our love. Not only to our partner, but to that person who makes us happy day after day. Until now it seemed that the world was divided into two types of people: those who hate Saint Valentine’s day and those who create a super production that day to surprise their love. But it seems that this classification is beginning to disappear in favor of other types of people: those who celebrate it as any other day with some detail and those who take advantage of the occasion to buy something for themselves as -for example-, a new perfume. And, why give a perfume on Valentine's Day? A perfume is a very emotional gift, taking into account that finding the perfect perfume is not an easy task. It implies you to think about who is going to receive the perfume, their personality, their tastes, ... Giving a perfume on Valentine's Day will show that you have made an effort to look for something special. For everyone, and whatever your preferences are, our Love Collection is designed precisely for this: to give as a symbol of love. If Besos, Danzatoria, Sweet William and Latin Lover have something in common, it is that they are all perfumes with notes associated with love, romanticism and seduction. And why are this notes, seductive notes? Here's an example: Have you ever smelled someone and suddenly think he or she was especially seductive? You are not alone: ​​The link between seduction and smell is as old as civilization itself. According to the story of Cleopatra, not one but two great leaders of the ancient Roman Empire fell under her spell after smelling her perfumed concoctions. Psychologists believe that the area of ​​the brain that processes aroma is also the part that processes emotions and that is why certain smells can make us feel different sensations. Here we review some of the most seductive notes that you will find in our Love Collection: JASMINE FLOWER Called the king of flowers or simply "the flower" by perfumery artisans, jasmine has long been associated with sensuality. Two species stand out in perfumery: grandiflorum, herbaceous and fruity; and sambac, with hints of honey and orange blossom. The essence of jasmine, delicate and erotic, radiant, rich in nuances and expensive to obtain, is one of the most used and valued in perfumery, along with rose. YLANG YLANG Ylang-ylang has a fragrant aroma that awakens multiple sensations. It is used in many perfumes for its oriental or floral touches and combines very well with fruity or woody aromas. Ylang-ylang has aphrodisiac properties; it is not proven if it works by itself or if perhaps the aroma it exhales and the softness it produces on the skin, is reason enough to cause attraction. In Indonesia, ylang-ylang flowers are spread over the marriage bed to bring good luck to the marriage. MUSK One of the first things you learn in the world of perfumery is that to "fix" or give continuity and duration to the seductive pheromonic power of flowers, animal scents such as Musk are added. The relationship between musk and sensuality is quite straightforward - musk is the most sensual of all fragrance ingredients. It conveys a thin skin sensuality, and can easily awaken all the senses. Original Musk is an exotic aromatic extract that comes from a gland located in the abdomen of the lone of the Himalayan musk deer. The aroma was used to mark his territory and to sexually attract his partner. VANILLA Vanilla may get a bad rap for being simple, but it's actually quite the opposite. Long touted as an aphrodisiac, the scent of vanilla can be especially stimulating. The vanilla essence can be soft, almost sweet, but it has a strong, intense and animalistic side. As an added bonus: Vanilla produces the feeling of happiness universally throughout the world. PEPPER As with other spices, pepper is an essential raw material in perfumery. What does pepper add to a perfume? A touch of spice and, at lightness at the same time. Pepper contributes to the aromatic compositions in which it participates with strength, character and relief and consequently increases the properties of the ingredients with which it is mixed, making the perfume particularly stimulating. If you had any doubts about choosing a perfume for Valentine's Day, we hope that now it will be easier for you to choose and make your Valentine fall in love! Remember that a very good option to give this Valentine's Day is our Minitaure set. Choose your 3 favorite fragrances from the Love Collection and let your love decide which one is his/her favourite. In addition, for the purchase of any Miniature Set we will give you a Latin Lover candle so that you can fill the whole atmosphere with romance this February 14.

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