The Oud, a unique ingredient in perfumery

Surely you have heard of Oud in recent years if you are a lover of exclusive perfumery, but most likely you do not know why this ingredient is so highly valued by perfumers. Oud means wood in Arabic, although it is more than just a piece of tree. It is known as black gold and for perfumers it is a unique ingredient with which to achieve very special aromas. And you may wonder, what is the reason for so much mystery and exclusivity? The Oud is extracted from a tree called Aquilaria. When this tree is infected with a certain fungus, it produces a deliciously scented, dark-colored resin to defend itself. This is what is known as Oud, both the resin and the essential oil that is extracted from it after 20-25 years and that is what is used in perfumes. It is very difficult to extract it naturally since there are very few Aquilaria trees. Of these few trees, only 2% are naturally infected. There are different degrees of quality on the market. You can check it if you travel to the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Pakistan ... There you will find perfumes with this rare ingredient for 100 euros and also for 10. This is explained because there are currently techniques to infect Aquilaria trees artificially and even chemical processes with which to generate molecules of aromas that imitate the so precious Oud. Furthermore, only a scant 2% of Aquilaria trees produce Oud, that is, they become infected with the fungus naturally. Of these, only the oldest trees are of high quality, which are themselves quite rare. Regarding its sustainability, experts explain that this tree is currently threatened with extinction due to uncontrolled tree felling. The one we use at Carner comes from Laotian plantations where the logs are inoculated manually and naturally, and come from an organization that respects the environment and workers. The Oud of Laos is the most precious and is what we call Oud Palao. The aroma of Oud is not easy to describe. It smells of wood and sweet. Its notes are unique, with a unisex vocation and are not intended for discreet people: experts attribute an animal chord, very sensual and smoky, woody, elegant, warm and sweet at the same time, mysterious, with notes of resin and smoke. The secret is in how you combine it with other ingredients to create unique perfumes, some greener, others more smoky. In short, it is a unique fragrance you should give a try! Our latest collection, the Bestial Collection contains Oud Palao in its Bestium fragrance. Bestium mixes Oud Palao with Bulgarian Rose and Turkish Rose -among other ingredients- and as a result gives an aromatic, woody, smoky and very special perfume. What are you waiting to try it?

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