Where would perfumery be, without orange?

In the world of niche perfumery, orange has found a special place.

Orange is cherished for its ability to bring a luminous and revitalizing note, ranging from a gentle sweetness to a more acidic and juicy hue, depending on the variety and extraction method used. This versatility allows perfumers to create unique olfactory experiences.

BO-BO, our bestseller, features orange as an ingredient which makes it special and unique, resulting in a citrusy, fresh, and clean perfume.


Orange harmoniously blends with spices, woods, and flowers, enhancing and balancing compositions. For instance, combined with lavender or neroli, it accents an herbaceous freshness; whereas with amber or vanilla, it brings a sweet, comforting warmth.

Orange essential oil, mainly obtained from the fruit peel, is the most used component in perfumery.

Among our standout perfumes that contain orange are Salado, Tennis Club, and Rock Star. Each of them uses orange uniquely to create an olfactory artwork that tells an evocative and exclusive story.

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