Let us explain, it's the first and most personal collection, made up of seven distinctive perfumes with a common thread: wood, our signature of natural elegance found in our daily lives and in the surroundings of Barcelona. When you look around you, the wooden elements that inspired our Original Collection can be found everywhere... in the scent of almond trees bathing in the late-day sun, the exposed wooden beams of the 12th century stables in El Born or the wooden barrels that were used to tan leather in Barcelona's old leather factories. The feeling of warmth and sense of strength evoked by wood serves as the inspiration for this diverse collection of our seven unique perfumes, each with its own history and each linked to the essence of Barcelona. The very particular scent of the woody perfumes is extracted from the wood of trees, such as guaiac, cedar, birch, pine or sandalwood. Tardes and D600 were the first two perfumes that were part of this exclusive collection, later Cuirs, Rima XI, El Born, Palo Santo and Costarela were added each year. Haven't you tried them yet? We offer you the sample pack of the Original Collection to see which one you prefer...

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