A getaway to Ibiza

The crystal-clear waters and the spectacular untamed wilderness, combined with the laid-back character of its islanders makes of Ibiza a magical piece of paradise on Earth. Many artists find inspiration here, and so do we! We have recently launched a new online exclusive collection named Dream Collection, and one of the three perfumes that comprise it is Ibiza Nights; a colorful and fresh fragrance that evokes the hippie lifestyle and free spirit of Ibiza. The summer is right around the corner, so we want to share with you some of our favorite places in the coolest island of the Balearics. Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort, also known as Atlantis is probably one of the most singular beaches of Ibiza due to the rocks that surround it, its beauty and the Buddha’s cove where a group of hippies live part of the year. Sa Pedrera is close to Es Vedra islet, and it is said that the islet has inspired several artists who have decorated along the years the rocks of Atlantis with the most original figures. Just a few minutes-drive away from Atlantis, you will find one of our favorite restaurants of Ibiza, this is Es Torrent, famous for its incredible seafood. So head to this laid back “chiringito” after a morning soaking up the sun at Cala d’Hort, and do not forget to order their “arroz a banda”, we know you’ll thank us later! For those in search of Ibiza’s major hidden gem, then Na Coloms (popularly called The Cove of Light) is the place to go. A cove that you will not find in the coast but in the interior of the island. Na Coloms is a rocky cavity located in an area of cliffs, its’ pretty closed and the light enters though an incredible underwater passageway. However, only divers should bath here because the only way of getting out of it is swimming through this passageway. If you are in search of quietness but not looking for a crazy adventure, then we would recommend you go to S’Estanyol, a remote and sheltered beach surrounded by woods. This coastal site is located in the mouth of the stream called Sa Font. Perched on this secret beach, an old restaurant has been lovingly restored and updated with natural materials to create an elegant yet rustic space featuring a restaurant, tapas bar, beach and cocktails. Its name? Cala Bonita. The perfect spot for a long lazy lunch in the open-air restaurant terrace overlooking the ocean and the beach. As the sun goes down, the real magic of the island appears. Every day the sunset is different in Ibiza and can be enjoyed from many different points. Benirràs, is probably one of the most famous beaches to enjoy this spectacle of nature, here, the moment is accompanied by the rhythm of drums played by a group of hippies. If you prefer to enjoy the moment in a calmer way, Punta Galera is a nice alternative. This is a rocky platform from where you can also jump to the water. After the sunset, it’s time to put on your best clothes and, let’s get the party started! Lio is definitively the craziest dinner-show experience, something you must live once in your lifetime. However, if what you really want is a gourmet experience, give a try to Maymanta. The renowned restaurant set on the rooftop of Hotel Aguas de Ibiza, will make you travel from the Mediterranean to Peru. Not enough with this? Finish the night at Pacha Ibiza! The classic of the classics do not leave the island without spending a night in the most famous nightclub in Ibiza.

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