How mask-wearing has affected our appetite for perfume

Some days ago Vogue Australia posted an article by Alexia Petsinis sharing Carner thoughts -amongst other global perfume creators- on how face masks have (or not) affected the magic of perfumes.

The new reality of wearing a face mask in public has placed a physical barrier between our nose and the sensory stimuli of the world around us. Some might even go as far as saying the mask has destroyed the romance and artistry of perfume altogether—but has it really?

The question is: what challenge has the mask posed to perfumers around the world engaged in the process of fragrance creation and development?

From Carner we feel that the scent creation has not been compromised by the new “reality” of the pandemic, whereas that it is clear that face covering mutes our olfactory capability, making it far more difficult to feel the different smells.

“It is true that Covid affects the timing and development of the perfume, but not the creative process,” says Sara. “I want to believe that this situation will end, and we will go back to our life without masks. If we develop perfumes taking masks and Covid into account, what would happen with those perfumes after the Covid situation is over? Would they be too strong? Too fresh?”.

“I like wearing perfume for myself, this is the first thing. I like perfume to accompany me during my day, it makes me feel well, and somehow it’s part of my personality,” Sara notes. “Of course, I like others to notice it, but it is complicated now with masks.

"Masks have indeed removed the pleasure of smelling other people’s choices when it comes to perfumes, but it has not removed our own satisfaction of wearing perfume,” says Sara.

Do not hesitate to read the whole article and discover the point of view of Frederick Bouchardy from New-York based fragrance and design studio, Joya and Antoine Maisondieu the perfumist creator.

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