Meet the perfumer who created Volcano

We spent a morning with Jordi Fernandez, senior perfumer from Givaudan, and the professional we relied on to create our latest scent, Volcano. Would you like to know a little bit more about what’s behind the creation of a signature perfume?
  1. What motivated you to become a perfumer?
At the beginning of my career I had the chance to work with perfumers who made me discover the art of fragrance creation, I then discovered a whole new world of possibilities. Being curious by nature I wanted to know how different ingredients behave together and got addicted to this new art.
  1. Which elements do you take into account when creating a fragrance?
There are various starting points to create a fragrance. It can either start from an idea of my own coming from various inspirations or from a client brief. In any case I always need to keep in mind what is the message behind the fragrance, who are the target consumers and of course make sure the fragrance delivers on performance.
  1. How or where do you seek inspiration for fragrances?
Traveling, meeting new people and new cultures are my main source of inspiration but nature and feelings/emotions can also trigger new ideas in my mind.
  1. How long does it usually take to create a perfume?
The creation time varies depending on the project/client and on the fragrance itself. The perfumery market being a very dynamic one, the average development time is around 2 to 3 months... But I also recently finalized a fragrance on which I have worked for 2 years!
  1. What distinguishes Carner Barcelona from other niche perfumes?
I think Carner Barcelona has a clear vision of what they want to transmit as a brand and what's the story behind each fragrance. I have the pleasure to collaborate with Sara Carner and I really enjoy creating new ideas and discussing new projects with her.
  1. How would you describe Volcano, your latest signature fragrance for Carner Barcelona?
Volcano is the perfume translation of nature's strength. It is a powerful dark fragrance that takes you back to the roots of the earth. Sophisticated, vibrant and full of contrast, Volcano truly is an unforgettable scent.
  1. Which guidelines were you given to create Volcano?
Being part of the Black Collection, I wanted to create a dark and intense fragrance with a clear olfactive signature but that would also attract consumers... this is how Volcano was born.
  1. Which note would you highlight from Volcano’s composition?
The particularity of Volcano is that its signature does not come from one ingredient only but from a combination of various accords and raw materials, just like the smell of nature and earth. Its main constituents are patchouli, vetiver and a strong oud accord, all of them work in synergy to give the vibrant woody signature.
  1. When would you wear Volcano?
I love Volcano, I can wear it whenever I want to feel its sensuality and sense of confidence. It gives me energy throughout the day... and night!
  1. If Volcano was a person, who or how would it be?
If Volcano was a person it would have a strong personality, self-confident and determined. Its positive energy would attract the attention of others and its mystical character would make them intrigued yet addicted.
  1. You are also the creator of Latin Lover scent for Carner Barcelona, what were the guidelines you followed to develop it?
Latin Lover explores other emotions, those related with love and happiness. It is a colorful fragrance that embodies the passion of a real Latin Lover.
  1. When would you wear Latin Lover?
I can also wear it always, anytime of the day or any season of the year. Just to feel its positivity.
  1. If Latin Lover was a person, who or how would it be?
A person full of energy, who wants to enjoy life. Someone happy and full of emotions.

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