Love and respect for our environment

The Mediterranean is our main inspiration. The respect and care of our environment is one of our priorities and that is why we carry out actions that contribute to continue offering always the best quality being respectful with the environment that surrounds us. Environment Carner Barcelona First, we are committed to producing our signature perfumes by relying on the work of local artisans with whom we share our values of sustainability. Our perfumes are vegan, not tested on animals and their ingredients come from ethical programs designed to support local communities. Our formulas are 100% free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates in the products that are part of our Body Collection. One of the most recognizable aspects in the design of our perfumes is the wooden cap that accompanies the bottle of each of our fragrances. Our wood comes from sustainable European forests. Finally, we have said goodbye to plastic; we have replaced the plastic cellophane we use in the packaging of our perfumes with compostable film, made from renewable resources. Rock Star Carner Barcelona You can also help us to be more sustainable:
  • Once you finish your Carner Barcelona perfume, give us back the cap. We'll give it a second life! Send it to our flagship store (Diputació, 266 local 2, 08007 Barcelona) and receive a surprise as a thank you.
  • In our Barcelona store you can also refill your Body Collection products so together we reduce plastic consumption.
We want to continue enjoying the best essences inspired by a unique natural environment such as the Mediterranean, while we care for and build a more respectful and cleaner world for everyone.

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