Introducing the Miniature Set

Starting the day with a meeting, then off to a coffee with friends and ending it with a special date? Trying to stick all your things in a hand luggage for a 2-day trip? or leaving home at 8:30am and not going back till 10pm?… Does any of these situations sound familiar to you? Because we are aware of the daily challenges, from CARNER Barcelona we want to introduce you our MINIATURE SET, a pretty AND convenient set that we hope will help you deal with all these situations. Hope you love it! A PERFUME FOR EACH MOMENT OF THE DAY: Each moment of the day calls for a different scent and intensity. Choose your three favorite CARNER Barcelona perfumes and use them according to your plans! TRAVEL LIGHT: Packing is one of the most unpleasant procedures before enjoying a weekend getaway, isn’t it? Carry-on bags seem to become smaller and smaller every time… We want you to always take your perfume, in its smaller version, with you and our miniature perfumes are just perfect when you need to travel light. Bon voyage! NON-STOPPERS: We often believe that days should have 25 hours, we leave home before the sun rises and come back well into the night. Work, stress, daily duties… But always with your MINIATURE bottle of your favorite CARNER Barcelona perfume on hand to feel refreshed and ready to show the best version of yourself.

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