Our Favorite Natural Pools in Catalonia

Nature is wise and offers us unspoiled havens of peace and tranquility where we instantly disconnect to reconnect with the freshness of its lush greenery and the purity of its waters. Yes, as much as we love the sea salt of the Mediterranean Sea, this time we are talking about the natural pools hidden along our country and just a short drive away from the busy urban conglomerations. Grab your swimsuit, grab a towel and a book and come with us to enjoy our five favorite natural pools in the Catalan territory: La Foradada: Located in the village of Cantonigrós, and after a very easy 30’ walk, you will find a 15 meters long waterfall that finishes in a deep natural pool surrounded by rock walls. An ideal plan to do with children! Gorg Blau: Sadernes (Girona) is the starting point for the path of Riera de Sant Aniol: a 15km excursion where we highly recommend a first stop in another natural pool called Salt del Brull. After a refreshing swim here, continue the walk to arrive at Gorg Blau. The intense blue of this pool is simply astonishing. La Fontcalda: Terra Alta hides one of the most well-known natural pools in Catalonia. The name gives an idea of what you will find here (“calda” means heat in Catalan); the temperature of its waters is always (around) 38ºC! Another curiosity is that Fontcalda is not a single pool, but seven! La Gorguina: If you drive to the area of Baix Camp, and walk around 5km, you will reach La Gorguina. The reward will be greatly worth it: a breathtaking waterfall finishing in a natural pool surrounded by rocks. Cala Bramant: Better known as “Cala de los Enamorados” (Lovers’ cove), this small cove can be defined as a sea enclosure that turns into a natural pool. A quiet and idyllic gem offering beautiful views to the coastal village of Llançà, Port de la Selva and Cap de Creus. The best way to reach Cala Bramant is by boat or kayak, but you can also walk (but make sure you wear appropriate shoes). And a Bonus… Piscina Es Cau, this is not really a natural pool but it definitively seems to be! This piece of paradise on Earth, between Cala Fonda and Cala Fornells, was created fifty years ago by a community of neighbors. Water is salty because it comes directly from the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, you will only be able to enjoy its beauty while you walk along the seaside path of Ronda, this is because only people staying at the apartments are allowed to swim in this breathtaking pool.

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