Barcelona is certainly one of the most iconic cities in the world and it is easy to fall in love not only with its incomparable architecture but also with its Mediterranean charisma. Those of us who once lived or visited the city of Barcelona could surely identify the most pleasant and distinctive scents that define Barcelona. We here include our favorite scents of Barcelona and in which we have definitely found trully inspiration to create our perfumes: The Sea Wherever you are, Barcelona is impregnated by the sea smell, in which the salt and moisture merge with the sea breeze. This smell infuses us with great relaxing vibes, magical freedom sensations and happiness. Flowers Jazmines, roses, lavenders, daisies and many others... No matter the time of the year, Las Ramblas street is an explosion of color that makes at least this side of Barcelona always smell of spring. Chocolate This smell is very characteristic of Carrer Petritxol, the sweetest street in Barcelona, where the best and actually most historic chocolate shops are based. chocolate History, old stones… The city also smells of history, ancient stones from the cobbled streets and Roman buildings built around 15th century, bombs launched during the Civil War, liturgy, the Cathedral... all of them present mainly in the well-known Gothic neighborhood. Art The city distills art through all its streets, but there are undoubtedly certain sectors like El Born, Gothic, Raval and Poblenou, where the paintings of the street artists, instruments of musicians who never lose their devotion and the illusion of dancers and actors looking to shine, coexist in a sublime way. artebarcelona3

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