Travel the world and come back to El Born

"Roda el món i torna al Born¨, this local say which translates into ¨travel the world and come back to El Born¨, is a phrase that originates from the fact that El Born was the converging point for merchants and new businesses, thus everyone traveling to unknown territories ended up coming back to trade. El Born has experience a (re)evolution over the years. No doubt this has something to do with the popularity of the area itself, which in recent years has attracted a growing number of local and foreign residents and has earned its reputation thanks to the thriving artisan and artistic communities the quarter hosts. An area full of contrasts, here some of the oldest buildings in the city coexist with the latest design and trendiest restaurants. El Born steals a piece of our heart every time we walk along its streets and gives name to one of our most iconic perfumes, El Born. These are some of our favorite spots in this Catalan quarter: Catch the light at Santa María del Mar: Don’t need to be religious to admire the beauty of the light encapsulated by Santa Maria del Mar’s dome. The ¨Sea Cathedral¨, a 10th-century church and fine example of Catalan Gothic architecture, was actually financed by merchants living in the district in order to show their economic power. Be inspired by the ¨modernisme arts movement¨ at the Palau de la Musica Catalana: This stunning architectural jewel of Catalan Art Nouveau is the only concert venue in this style to be listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A modernist building that is home for the Orfeó Català.

Picture by Matteo Vecchi

Eat as a local at Mercat Santa Caterina: The second city Market in Barcelona, the one that will give you that sense of local life and where you will find the perfect spot to indulge yourself in local gastronomy. The smell and taste of fresh fruits and species, together with the charm of the local traders will captivate your senses. By the way… Did you know it was built atop an old convent? It was one of the first covered markets in the city and recently received an impressive makeover. Its colorful, wavy roof is another of its unique and distinguishing features. Stroll around Park de la Ciutadella: This beautiful park is full of activity all day long: yoga sessions, group of friends enjoying a picnic, neighbors walking their dogs… A natural oasis where the fresh aroma of the greenery and wood embracing you will make you feel just as when you pour a drop of Tardes scent on your skin. Treat Yourself to the Chocolate Museum: The child in you will come out as soon as the mesmerizing aroma of chocolate welcomes you at Barcelona’s one and only “Museu de Xocolata”, a wonderful ride through the chocolate history since its arrival to Europe, highlighting the important role Barcelona played in its production. A must see for all chocolate lovers who visit the city. Also don’t miss the museum’s collection of famous monuments, all made out of chocolate, of course! Chill-out in Aire Barcelona: Now that the winter is close, nothing feels better than visiting this ancient Arab bathhouse. An old warehouse built at the end of the XVII century turned into a temple to disconnect body, mind and soul. A place where history and water converge to pamper you with a unique relaxation experience. Royal cinnamon, mandarin extract, white pepper… In Aire Barcelona you will find many notes that evoke the essence of our opulent and memorable perfume Megalium. An unforgettable journey through sensations!

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