Carner Barcelona’s series (I):

Felipe Cano, Art and Content Director of "The Animals Observatory".

How is a day in the life of Felipe Cano like? My days are identical. I'm happy with a strict routine. I get up at dawn, between 4 and 5 in the morning. And I read and write until 8 am. Then I take a short walk in the countryside around home and go to the office to work with my team until 2 pm. Then I go back home, eat, and work in my studio until 6pm. We enjoy a bit of family life until dinner time, at 8 pm. Then we watch an episode of some series -these days the wonderful Doctor in Alaska-. By 9.30 pm, I'm already asleep. I wouldn't change this routine for the world. What does happiness smell like to Felipe Cano? There are three smells that make me feel at home: the smell of wood in the fireplace when the autumn season arrives. The perfumes I like most come from wood, and that is something that connects me to the DNA of Carner Barcelona’s perfumes. Also, the smell of tomato plants, which it feels very deep in my memory. And finally, the very special mix of smells that occurs in summer near home, at the Costa Brava: the pine trees, the sea and the heat. Smells, fragrances for me are like music: a supreme and universal art that we all understand immediately without the need to rationalize it: we like them or not. And these preferences define the personality of each one of us. How was “The Animals Observatory” born, and which is your role in the brand? The Animals Observatory was born from the desire to create a beautiful, true, elegant children's fashion brand, with a bit of playful madness, that could be part of the everyday life of families. My wife, Laia Aguilar, is the Creative Director, and I am the Art and Content Director. I create and direct all the campaigns. It's a privilege to work with my wife, who I met at the age of 16. Such a lifetime! What does being a father mean to you? I have two kids, Pablo and Adriana, both teenagers. Being a father means the discovery of animal love, of the weight of responsibility, and at the same time, the pride towards small shared achievements. It also means the possibility of remembering the son I was for my parents. And not least, growing up with my wife as a partner. I really like the team feeling we have, pulling our family forward. Sometimes it's hard, but it always pays off. Tell us a little about Felipe Cano as a poet. For me, poetry is the possibility of understanding the important things in life with the right words. It is my intimacy, when I read it and when I write it. I dedicate many hours to it. Writing and reading poetry allows you to ask yourself about our capacity to love or to resist a loss, about your memory and your future longings.... I like poetry that impact, not intellectual poetry. Poetry that is understood. When a poem is true and genuine, it is universal. Discover "Words for Pablo" by Felipe Cano by Carner Barcelona here

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