Valentine’s series by Carner Barcelona

Vol. I - Oliver & Dora

Which scent reminds you of your partner?

"The scent of a subtle sunrise. Since the first night I slept with her, when I woke up I always remember a scent that I can only define with the words subtle and elegant" - Oliver

"There is a perfume of roses, pepper and jasmine that reminds me of him, our beginnings. He always wore that woman's perfume, which in him became intense and warm. I loved to smell it when we rode his motorcycle everywhere. If I close my eyes now and remember that moment, that is the olfactory band of the moment." - Dora

What does love mean to you?

"Some time ago I read that love is a word and does not need to be understood, I would add that it only needs to be lived." - Oliver

"I would compare love to the complexity of a perfume; the top notes would be attraction and passion. The mid notes: complicity and admiration. And the base notes: trust, respect and connection." - Dora

Favorite perfume and reason

"I don't have one, I have several: BOTAFUMEIRO for fall/winter because of how the scent lingers on my skin and on the pieces of clothing I wear to keep me warm. TENNIS CLUB for summers, for its simple freshness, for me

simplicity is the greatest sophistication." - Oliver

"My favorite perfume is BESTIUM. I think it's a perfect balance of delicacy, sensuality and character." - Dora

Vol. II - Joaquim & Almu

Which scent reminds you of your partner?

"TARDES, because we met thanks to this perfume and Almu still has that first that bottle..." - Joaquim

"CUIRS, because it is his favorite. The family memory behind that perfume makes it very special." - Almu

What does love mean to you?

"For me, love is eagering other's happiness" - Joaquim

“Love is the purest act of generosity and loyalty” - Almu

Favorite perfume and reason

"My favorite perfume is CUIRS. I love its ingredients, its durability on skin and its performance on my skin. It also reminds me of a very familiar scent." - Joaquim

"TARDES, because perfumes tell stories and, this one in particular, is part of our love story”- Almu

Vol. III - Kike & Rubén

Which smell reminds you of your partner?

"I love the smell of her hair after having a shower." - Kike

"The smell of smoke and salt water, a scent from one of our first boat trips along the Costa Brava" - Rubén

What does love mean to you? "Love has no gender. It is a mix of friendship and commitment. It makes you invincible, almost any problem has a solution if there is love." - Kike "Love is the energy that drives us to bring out our best version. We all need it. It is received and given. It never accumulates. Nor is it lost; it is only transformed." - Rubén Favorite perfume and reason "VOLCANO, especially in winter." - Kike "FIG MAN, for its disruptive and unexpected touch." - Rubén

Vol. VI - Laura & David

Which scent reminds you of your partner?

"We have a night ritual where we spray a lavender and chamomile on our pillow. We tell each other 3 things we are grateful for. It's our favorite moment."

What does love means to you?

"I believe that a healthy love nourishes you and gives you a stable base to fly and grow. " - Laura

"Connection. Fun. Friendship. Butterflies. " - David

Favorite perfume and reason

"VOLCANO, because it has all my favorite elements: Wood, ginger, vetiver and patchouli." - Laura

"I like CUIRS because it carries elements that I like, like Labdanum and cedar, and touches that Laura loves, like amber and patchouli."- David

Vol. V - Sara and Victor

Which scent reminds you of your partner?

"TENNIS CLUB. My husband is a big fan of this sport, he enjoys practicing it very much. Now he wears it as a perfume! It's energetic, cheerful, smells like summer and has become his daily scent." - Sara

"An attractive, almost addictive scent that I can't get enough of. The closest thing to a mix of D600 and TARDES, which were Carner Barcelona's first launches." - Victor

What does love mean to you?

"For me love is generosity mixed with genuine commitment." - Sara

"Passion, madness, irrationality, giving without expecting anything in return. Love is a comfortable silence that you want to become eternal, a smell that does not cease nor do you want it to end." - Victor

Favorite perfume and reason

"D600. Not only because it is a fascinating and very elegant perfume, inspired by the city of Barcelona, but also because it is a perfume that marked the launch of Carner Barcelona and I have a very special affection for it." - Sara

"CUIRS captivated me from the beginning. It may seem harsh but it softens little by little until it almost becomes imperceptible, although I always notice it present." - Victor

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