Introducing the Fresh Collection

Carner Barcelona’s family grows and as could not be otherwise, the Mediterranean has been our perfumers’ main source of inspiration. Bo-Bo, Salado and Fig Man, three unique scents that capture the main three facets that define our Mediterranean lifestyle; our sea, our culture and our genius, Salvador Dalí. Dawn breaks over the Mediterranean waters and recreates in the spectacle of the undulating waves, the mild breeze brings with it the salty aroma of the sea. As the sun rises up the sky the streets of Cadaques come to life, fishermen leave the harbor and kids rush to play at the beach. A walk by the seaside, feeling the sand between the fingers of your toes and the sun caressing your skin, while you perceive the sound of waves, gently breaking against the rocks. From the shore, you perceive how the sailing boats docked at the sea dance to the rhythms of the waves. All your senses awaken in this coastal village. Midday arrives and the captivating aroma of freshly cooked paella invites the whole family to gather around the table laid al fresco, in the shade of the fig trees. Shared laughter, the best company, a glass of wine and good food on the table, is there anything better? This is what we are; these moments by the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by friends and family complete and fill our souls and, by the end of the day, inspire our perfumes, as inspired in the creations of our most renowned artist, Salvador Dalí.

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