Meet the perfumer who created Fig-Man

Yann Vasnier is definitively one of the most influential perfumers worldwide. Born and raised in France, Vasnier felt attracted to the world of scent from a young age. Vasnier grew up in a family passionate about gardening. His oldest brother studied botany and after his graduation became a landscape architect. At that time, the whole family would follow him throughout France and Europe visiting some of the most famous gardens. In 1986, when he was only 10 years old, he discovered the perfume boutique Divine, in St. Malo, where he met Yvon Mouchel, the only perfumer who that has all the niche fragrances of the day: Camille Goutal, Serge Lutens… And with whom, years later, in 2002, Vasnier would create two fragrances! Since the age of 13, Yann started spending all his money on fragrances, buying all the new scents and even started his own Chanel collection. He graduated at the prestigious ISIPCA perfume institute in Versailles, turning his passion into his profession. In 2001, while working at Quest’s Fine in Paris, he was recognized with the International Young Perfume Award and, two years later, he moved to Quest’s headquarters in New York. Since 2007, he is part of Givaudan’s prestigious team. In Carner Barcelona, we can count ourselves lucky to have had him as the creator of Fig-Man, one of the scents that compose the Fresh Collection. Would you like to know a little bit more about Yann and his thoughts about Fig-Man? Keep reading!
  1. What motivated you to become a perfumer?
I have always been attracted to creative activities, interesting learnings, unusual and unique ways of thinking, So perfumery was pretty out there when I was growing up in Brittany, combined with the aura, luxury and glamour that the sparkly flacons and glitzy campaigns were conveying
  1. How or where did you seek inspiration to create Fig-Man's scent?
For me it's all about the Mediterranean coast, fresh, sunny, bright, it can relate to moments in Barcelona, Ibiza, Tangiers, Cote d'azur, Italy, Greece, Tel is fresh yet complex, just like the surrealism of Dali
  1. How would you describe Fig-Man? What makes it different?
Fresh, raw, natural, it blends the green sappy vegetal milkiness of the fig leaves, with calabrian bergamot and fresh spices cardamom and coriander
  1. When would you wear Fig-Man?
Summer day or night
  1. If Fig-Man was a person, who or how would he/she be?
An easy going and sporty person. With a vibrant personality, full of character.

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