Founder's letter

This year 2019 we are celebrating the 10thAnniversary of Carner Barcelona. It's been an incredible journey surrounded by amazing people, and all of it has been possible thanks to all those of you who have trusted in our brand. So, the first thing I have to say is, thank you!

It all started with a clear vision to create a distinctive brand, produced locally and with a real inspiration behind. Right from the beginning we started working with the strong commitment of sharing our Mediterranean culture through our perfumes. Moreover, I wanted Carner to become an accessible, modern, wearable and original perfume collection, always made with the best materials and ingredients. Lucky enough to work with some of the best perfumers worldwide, I first launched Tardes and D600, my first two babies. Now, with more than 20 perfumes in our portfolio, those two continue to be our best sellers and surely the ones that better describe my life. Tardes, takes me to my sweet childhood, next to my family, in the countryside and with the smell of wood and the freshness of nature; while D600 talks through its notes about my Barcelona, my love, my dreams.

During all these years, I have visited many cities and I have come across so many interesting, knowledgeable people, from different industries and networks, it has been personally so enriching that I can only be grateful for it.

Nowadays, with a talented and dedicated team working from Barcelona and with a strong network of partners all around the world, our brand is present in more than 500 stores, beautiful boutiques with enthusiastic advisors who transmit our values and share our stories. Also a major thank you to them!

It has been 10 years but I honestly feel like we are just starting! Many more adventures and projects are yet to come! To make this 10th anniversary memorable, I am happy to announce that very soon we will be opening our first flagship store in Barcelona, in the heart of the city, in the Golden Square of l'Eixample District.

What kind of anniversary would it be if we didn't blow candles? We have it covered! We are launching our Candle Collection, three squared scented candles that truly respect our minimalist style and honor our best-sellers; Tardes, Cuirs and Latin Lover.

Our purpose for the next ten years is to continue working hard, true to the lively and enthusiastic mood that drives us! Thank you all for accompanying us in this fascinating adventure!


Sara Carner

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