One can be great, two are unique

One can be great, two are unique. History has proven that when the talent of two individuals come together, magic happens. In Carner Barcelonawe are continuously working to surprise our clients and one day we questioned ourselves… As each individual, each Carnerfragrance has its own characteristic charm and captivating personality, so, what if we fuse our perfumes? Will we get the same result as when two talents come together? After months of research, we are proud to finally launch five winning fusions, five unique scents that we invite you to try and enjoy. What’s more, we invite you to use your creativity and create your own personal scent by combining two of our perfumes! You will surely know how much art and culture, in all its expressions, have always inspired our scents, for this reason, today, we want to homage some of the couples who have moved us, somehow or other, with their art. Painting / Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Probably one of the most celebrated couples in the history of visual art. Firda and Diego met each other for the very first time when he was working on a mural in the “Anfiteatro Simón Bolívar de la Escuela Nacional Preparatoria”. After a few casual encounters and meeting, Frida decided to visit Diego to show him her own Works. Diego was truly surprised by her talent and they started seeing each other more and more often. From this mutual admiration, love flourished. Despite the constant ups and downs, their personal relationship clearly interfered in their respective works. When Frida passed in 1955, Diego said: “I have realized that my love for Frida has been the most wonderful thing I have experienced in my life” On the screen / Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Did you know that Astaire’s first partner on stage was his sister? They started dancing together in the early 1900s in Vaudeville. His first appearance on a movie was in 1933, taking on a small role in the movie Dancing Lady starring Clark Gable and Joan Crawford. While Rogers made her first appearance in a 1929 movie short, then made feature Pre-Code movies with Warner Brothers Pictures such as 42nd Street and Gold Diggers of 1933. It was in 1933 when Astaire and Rogers made their first pairing in the movie Flying Down to Rio, where the main star was Dolores Del Rio. The year after, the artistic couple made the musical movie The Gay Divorcee; this was their first joint starring role and the movie also featured the classic Cole Porter song "Night and Day". The song "The Continental" from the movie was a hit and was also the first song to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song in the 1934 Academy Awards. Definitively one of the most relevant dancing couples in the history of the seventh art. Who does not remember their mythic “Cheeck to Cheeck” or their hilarious comical shows such as “Pick Yourself Up”. Their artistic union propelled them to fame. A revolutionary couple that shined in the musical genre, combining their dancing and performing abilities masterly. Katharine Hepburn described them like this “She is sensuality, and he is elegance”. Musicians / Tony Benett & Lady Gaga The odd couple for many, but one of the most applauded duets of our times. In 2015 Lady Gaga decided it was the right moment to homage the show business old-school style recreating great exits from the Tin Pan Alley. And she didn’t do it on her own, Tony Bennett, one of the most relevant icons of this golden period stood next to her to represent, in a series of very exclusive concerts, songs such as Cheek to Cheek. Fashion / Elsa Schiaparelli & Salvador Dalí Painter and haute couture fashion designer were not only friends in the 1930s, they also “used” each other as source of inspiration. Elsa and Dalí started working together in 1934, a volatile time in Paris. Their innovative spirits were materialized on gowns, accessories, jewelry, objects, drawings, paintings, and photographs, which reveal their direct design relationship. Dalí saw the lobster as a sexual creature, for its aphrodisiac effects and its mysterious sexual organs. He represented this element in many of his creations and the Italian designer created an exquisite gala dress inspired by Dali’s surrealism with a huge “Dalinian” lobster painted in the crotch.

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